Add A Touch Of Nature To Your Dining Space With Handcrafted Botanical Bowls

Add A Touch Of Nature To Your Dining Space With Handcrafted Botanical Bowls

Looking for a bowl to serve up a delicious salad or simply to accent your home decor? Beyond Designs has got you covered with its selection of enamelled wooden bowls.

The store’s collection features bowls of different styles and sizes, each illustrating the cultural art of enamelling. In addition to the hand-crafted wooden bowls, Beyond Designs also offers a variety of home decor items and accessories designed to suit your taste and interior style.

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Beyond Designs’ handcrafted bowl collection gives you the opportunity to bring a touch of nature into your dining space. Each wooden bowl is handcrafted by artisans and incorporates modern rustic designs, making it the centerpiece of both traditional and modern table decor.

The process of making enamelled abstract wooden bowls involves a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology. For Beyond Designs’ collection, the North Indian craftsmen used mango wood, a sustainable and eco-friendly material.

A main highlight of the store’s selection is the Enamelled Abstract-Botanical Wooden Bowl, which features a delicate pattern in pastel colours that has been hand-carved into the wood. You can also order the Botanical Handpainted Mango Wood Bowl if you want to create an instant focal point that revitalizes your dining room interior, or the Eggshell Enameled Wooden Serving Bowl that can be used for serving, or as a decorative piece.

In addition to wooden bowls, Beyond Designs stocks a wide variety of handcrafted items such as decorative vases, candle jars, and concrete planters.

About Beyond Designs

Established in 2020 by Kerri-lee Wanckel, Beyond Designs helps customers transform their living space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. Kerri-lee Wanckel also offers a range of interior design services, including interior space development, and conceptual design and 3D model design consulting.

Based in the UK, the home decor brand ships its products worldwide with free shipping.

A satisfied customer said: “When I came across Beyond Designs, I was looking for something different for Christmas gifts; they certainly have that in spades and are reasonably priced. My experience with Beyond Designs has been a pleasure, from order to delivery. I was kept informed throughout the process.”

These handcrafted enamel wooden bowls are a piece of art that will enhance your home decor and wow your guests; they are more than simply a place to keep your fruit. Order one for yourself at the Beyond Designs website!

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