Beckenham UK Energy-Efficient Ground Source Heat Pump Installation & Maintenance

If you’re tired of watching your energy bills climb year after year, it may be time to make the switch to renewable sources of heating. When it comes to reliability and consistency, heat pumps outperform many other systems on the market, and NCC South East Limited offers the best heat pumps there are! 

Whether you’re in Wickham or Bromley looking for ground source heat pumps, in Beckenham or Shortlands looking for air source heat pumps, or property owners in Chislehurst or Sidcup, looking for even air-to-water heat pumps, they’ve got it all!

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An Eco-Friendly and Economically Friendly Choice

So, why choose heat pumps? It’s pretty simple, actually. Heat pumps can be up to five times more energy-efficient than natural gas boilers, according to data from the International Energy Agency. Studies have shown that heat pumps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20%, even when running on electricity. 

Because these systems are so efficient, they can also lower utility bills and potentially protect property owners from energy price hikes. You won’t notice any significant changes to your energy bills if you barely spend a dime on energy at all, right?

Accredited Installers of Reliable Heating Systems

In the rush to get in on the hype surrounding eco-friendliness, some companies may offer services with, shall we say, dubious end results. But you won’t have to worry about that with NCC South East Ltd. 

As an MCS-certified installer, NCC South East Ltd. offers installation and maintenance services for a variety of low-carbon heating options. Because they’re certified, you know you’ll be getting top-quality work if you hire them! Popular heat pump brands they supply and maintain include: Grant, Bosch, Vaillant, Samsung, Midea and Mitsubishi.

As for their actual products, their ground source heat pumps (GSHP), which draw warmth from below the earth’s surface, can generate four kilowatts of energy for every kilowatt of electricity used. That’s an energy efficiency rating of more than 300%! The company also notes that generally, more grants, feed-in tariffs, and cash-back bonuses are available to clients who install GSHPs, as these are well-established forms of heating. 

For a more cost-effective option, NCC South East Ltd. recommends their air-to-air heat pumps, which can reduce pressure on existing heating systems. These heat pumps are suitable for open-plan areas for businesses, loft and basement conversions, and home extensions. The units that NCC South East Ltd. supplies are also designed with advanced cluster ion technology, allowing them to act as air purifiers without drying the air. If you happen to suffer from allergies or dry eyes, this is the perfect choice for you.

There’s no shortage of rebates, even if you go for an air source heat pump. If you opt for either system, you may qualify for certain government incentives, including the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS). Eligible applicants can receive up to £7,500 off upfront installation costs, as long as the maximum capacity of the system is no larger than 45kWth and the property it will be installed on is a home or small non-domestic building in England or Wales. That’s a lot of money!

Other Options

If you want to upgrade your home heating system but air source or ground source heat pumps don’t feel right for you, you have other viable options, like air-to-water heat pumps and biomass boilers. NCC South East Ltd. offers a full range of installation and maintenance services for these systems as well.

All in all, they’re very committed to providing you with reliable, renewable home heating and cooling solutions. And they’re good at it, too! There’s a reason they’ve been in business for over 20 years. With a bunch of certifications to their name and many happy customers throughout the South East, it goes without saying that NCC South East Ltd. is the company to go to for all of your heating and cooling needs. 

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