Benefits Of Venetian Blinds For Your UK Kitchen: Why Made-To-Measure Is Best

Whether you’re a MasterChef or more of a takeaway pro, there’s no doubt that your kitchen still sees a lot of mess and use. That’s why you need premium custom blinds from Shuttercraft that are genuinely fit for purpose.

Shuttercraft is one of the leading providers of blinds and shutters in the United Kingdom. As specialists in custom and made-to-measure window treatments, they understand that a one-size-fits-all approach never works, nor does a one-style-fits-all approach. As their newest consumer report explains, when it comes to window treatments, every room in your home has different needs, and, as such, there will be a different blind, shutter or shade style that will suit best.

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With their latest report, Venetian Blinds for Kitchen – The Benefits For This Important Area, Shuttercraft is adding style guides and informative reports to their growing online resource. They also focus on the kitchen, which they know to be both the heart of your home and one of the rooms that sees the most wear and tear.

As their report details, your kitchen has very different needs for shutters because the blinds in this room will typically be exposed to water splashes, higher humidity, and the grease and smell that often accompanies cooking.

As such, Shuttercraft recommends custom Venetian blinds for your kitchen, which they describe as easy for you to keep clean, water-resistant and—in a room where you need to see what you are doing—particularly well-suited to light control.

However, as Shuttercraft explains, not all Venetian blinds are created equal, and depending upon the materials used, they may not hold up to your home kitchen conditions. That’s why they recommend you order made-to-measure blinds through their expert team. This way, the perfect fit and style can be ensured for design aesthetics, and you can also rest assured that your high-quality blinds will be fit for purpose, fully cleanable, water-resistant, and flame-retardant.

Shuttercraft only retails premium Venetian blinds made from non-porous materials, so they won’t trap any of your kitchens smells.

Shuttercraft’s mantra is ‘making light work’, and they seek to offer you honest and transparent advice, followed up with reliable and high-quality service and premium products.

A spokesperson for the made-to-measure window treatments experts said, “If Venetian-style blinds sound like the perfect choice for your kitchen windows, why not get in touch and chat with our friendly team about the vast range of colours, designs, and features you can choose from? We’re always happy to arrange a free survey – with absolutely no obligation. That way, you have all the information you need to decide if Venetian blinds for your kitchen and utility areas are right for you.”

Keep your kitchen perfectly lit, clean and lovely for years with stylish and functional Venetian blinds from Shuttercraft.

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