Compare Top Side Hustles Returns Vs Investment With Expert Entrepreneur Guide

Compare Top Side Hustles Returns Vs Investment With Expert Entrepreneur Guide

Until recently, I was very successfully employed at a local helium production plant.

I had to quit though, I refuse to be spoken to in that tone…

Nowadays, it seems like everyone’s got a side hustle – whether they’re selling Tupperware, washing windows, or reselling stuff on Amazon.

The problem is, how you can find a side hustle that matches your style, isn’t a pyramid scheme, and pays out enough to be worth the effort?

Even though recent estimates suggest that up to 45% of the workforce has taken on a side job, there’s still no easy way to tell which positions are worth it, and which are a waste of time. An expert guide from Shimmy Morris examines four new job opportunities for 2022 and breaks down the effort, investment, and potential returns from each option.

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In his guide, Shimmy Morris explores how you can find the right side occupation to match your lifestyle, and how these jobs can be expanded into a full career. Every job described in the guide includes detailed information about how to get started, what the potential returns are, and several ideas for making the job more efficient.

While some options mentioned in the guide require an initial investment, Morris also covers side jobs that can be done with no previous experience, and at no cost. One example includes providing research information to companies about topics you may already know, such as how you feel about local businesses or your experiences with a particular product. Another option worth considering is reselling limited edition shoes online, the entrepreneur says.

When describing each job, Shimmy Morris also shares information on the initial costs and investment, as well as how much effort is required. Though some jobs need financing, others require assets instead, such as a vehicle. You could, for instance, rent out your vehicle – it’s a venture that requires no startup cost, other than the ownership of your vehicle.

Morris explains that this option helps you to rent out your vehicles when they are not in use, and you can receive up to 75% of the rental fee. While there are no startup fees for this service, it requires that you clean the car in between rentals, and meet clients to pick up and drop off the vehicle.

Other job options included in the guide require a higher initial investment, but also have higher returns, often with less effort involved.

Shimmy Morris is an entrepreneur that has been creating new businesses and opportunities since high school, and now regularly produces educational content to help other entrepreneurs get started. His content is updated several times a week with new ideas, opportunities, and suggestions, and is available absolutely free.

Whether you’re looking for a new side hustle, a temporary job, or just tips on how to be more efficient, Shimmy Morris has you covered. Follow him on YouTube to get free tips, tricks, and job opportunity breakdowns every week.

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