Get DTG-Printed 100% Premium Thick Cotton Aprons For Restaurants & Kitchens

Spills are common in restaurants and kitchens, which is why your employees need something to cover themselves with, and what better way to do that than with one of okTSHIRT’s custom aprons!

If you run a restaurant or business, the UK-based customer apparel retailer is providing you with a way of protecting your employees while also having them look like a team. The aprons can be customised to feature logos, branding, and other graphics using your online design tool.

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Aprons have been used to protect skin and clothing from spills and other debris for centuries. Though typically used in kitchens, bakeries, butcheries, and other food preparation settings, aprons have increased in usage among carpenters, florists, painters, and hairdressers.

okTSHIRT’s custom aprons are made with 100% premium thick cotton, making them spill resistant but also comfortable. They feature two pockets on the front for storage of tools and utensils, as well as a neck loop and belt for a snug and secure fit.

To customise an apron, you can upload your designs to okTSHIRT’s online design tool. In the tool, you can crop and edit your design until it meets your specifications. Once submitted, okTSHIRT’s team of in-house designers starts work on the apron. Designs can be printed on the chest area of the apron or the pockets.

To print the designs, okTSHIRT uses direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. With DTG printing, the apron is prepped first and then the design is sprayed directly onto the fabric using high-quality inks. This method produces more vibrant colours and prolongs the life of both the design and the fabric. DTG printing also requires very little set-up time, which makes it the ideal choice for printing bulk orders.

You can purchase the aprons in bulk, which is particularly helpful if buying them for your team. okTSHIRT does offer group rates for bulk purchases, but you must get in touch with them before submitting an order for a custom quote.

“I recently opened a bistro, and I wanted to get some aprons with our branding on them for my chefs,” said a satisfied client. “okTSHIRT made me a dozen of them and they’re exactly what I was looking for. The branding is crisp, the quality of the cotton is high, and they’ve stayed that way through multiple washes so far. I can’t thank them enough for the quick turnaround.”

In addition to custom aprons, okTSHIRT also offers a range of aprons with ready-made designs. The aprons feature humourous kitchen and barbeque-inspired quotes and graphics, such as their Barbecue Party and Fit to Grill designs.

Based in the UK, the design team at okTSHIRT has over 10 years of experience in the custom apparel industry. To date, they have delivered 18,578 custom pieces of apparel to 6,585 satisfied clients. In addition to aprons, they also offer custom printing for t-shirts, polos, bodysuits, and hoodies.

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