Get The Best Biodegradable & Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaning Products At UK Store

Get The Best Biodegradable & Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaning Products At UK Store

Looking for cleaning products that won’t harm the environment? Play your part in protecting the planet with The Friendly Turtle Company!

The Friendly Turtle Company offers you an extensive collection of non-toxic household cleaning solutions. The company is committed to the ideals of sustainability, ethical living, and the reduction of waste while still providing effective, long-lasting, deep-cleansing products at competitive prices.

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Browse the company’s collection of multi-purpose cleaning sprays, floor cleaners, drain unblockers, and antibacterial surface cleansers. You can get refills for many of its products, reducing packaging and unnecessary waste in the process.

According to Earth First, commercial cleaning chemicals have a profound effect on the levels of water and air pollution in the UK. These pollutants often remain in the water supply, compromising health, and also contributing to outdoor smog.

You can order products such as the Ocean Saver Rhubarb Coral Floor Cleaner – a biodegradable, non-sticky, and streak-free stain remover made from plant-based ingredients. This eco-conscious cleaner works well on porous surfaces such as tiles, linoleum, concrete, marble, and natural stone floors. A drop or two of the liquid can be added to water, making it both long-lasting and user-friendly.

In addition to cleaning products, The Friendly Turtle Company also sells bathroom accessories such as face cloths, wipes, toiletries, bath mats, nail brushes, and cotton buds. Also, you should check out the company’s kitchen accessory range which includes everything from scouring brushes and dishwasher tablets to descalers and food wraps.

About The Friendly Turtle Company

Founded by entrepreneur and sustainable living advocate Ricky Wallace in 2018, the company has garnered a strong reputation for high-quality sustainable household solutions and accessories. Inspired by his travels in Australia and seeing how the country had implemented widespread environmental practices, Ricky resolved to make an impact on the UK’s drive to eradicate waste and pollution.

A spokesperson says, “We want our customers to feel good about their purchases. All purchases made through Friendly Turtle will be benefitting the environment and local communities in one way or another.”

The Friendly Turtle Company continues to lead the way in sustainable yet affordable household products.

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Whatever household accessories you need, The Friendly Turtle Company has got you covered!

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