How To Start A POD Store With Astronomy Designs: 2022 Side Hustle For Students

How To Start A POD Store With Astronomy Designs: 2022 Side Hustle For Students

Shimmy Morris is here to prove to you that, in a little over a week, you can make a successful side hustle out of print on demand.

In the video, he tries to discover whether it is still possible for a newcomer to the world of side hustles, like yourself, to start a brand new print-on-demand store in 2022. The answer, as Shimmy Morris explains to you in the short clip, is yes. And, he goes on to detail the simple steps by which you can start your own online printing business, fast.

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Shimmy Morris has released his video in which more adults of all ages in the UK are interested in pursuing a side hustle. According to the latest figures from the Henley Business School, 1 in 4 adults in the UK now have a side job or side business. Moreover, this quickly growing field is now contributing over £72 billion a year to the United Kingdom’s GDP.

With so many opportunities arising for business-minded individuals like yourself to take advantage of, Shimmy Morris’s popular advice platform is dedicated to evaluating the most practical options and helping you with your first steps towards side hustle success.

As such, in his latest video, he covers the steps he took to start his own brand-new print-on-demand business. He believes that, even in 2022, the rapid growth of the custom printing industry means there is still a significant market share to take advantage of, and, due to its simple and feasible workflow, he recommends it to you as a beginner side hustle.

In the video, he covers the essentials you will need to consider. This includes how to source images effectively from stock image sites like Shutterstock or Getty Images, how to identify a customer niche—in the video, he suggests space and astronomy—and how to pick 30 to 50 sellable designs.

Ultimately, for the greatest useability and fastest turnaround, he recommends you try Gelato for their wide repertoire of totally finished designs.

He then guides you through the Shopify platform, which he recommends to you as the industry standard e-commerce store, and details a comprehensive 8-day fast-tracked digital marketing plan to draw attention to your new print-on-demand store.

Shimmy Morris is an acclaimed young entrepreneur and vlogger whose mission is to help his viewers start successful online businesses from scratch. Believing that it is never too young to start, he even has advice on how to begin earning money through a side hustle when you are still in high school.

A spokesperson for the vlogger said, “Shimmy Morris is based in London, in the UK and he’s loved business since he sold his first phone in the first week of high school. Since then, he has been selling and creating all sorts of businesses. He loves being totally transparent with his viewers and he aims to make all his videos honest and transparent so you can properly learn.”

If you’re looking for info on the best side jobs of 2022, Shimmy Morris has got it.

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