London Criminal Defence KC: Expert in Identity Theft & Money Laundering Cases

Atty. Adrian Eissa understands that criminal defendants need top-notch representation, which is why he recently updated his service to better serve you.

With this move, Atty. Eissa seeks to provide fast-tracked services to clients like you involved in complex finance-related cases. As a direct-access barrister, he is authorised to accept instructions from and work directly with you without the need for a solicitor as an intermediary (unless otherwise needed).

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With extensive experience in defending clients in cases such as identity theft, embezzlement, money laundering, and insurance fraud, among others, Atty. Eissa has been involved in numerous high-profile national cases and boasts an impressive track record of results.


King’s Counsels (KCs) are appointed by the reigning monarch (in consultation with the Lord Chancellor) in recognition of their legal skills and expertise. Moreover, their distinguished position grants them the right to seek an audience in the higher courts of England and Wales.

As a KC, Atty. Eissa offers a high-level knowledge of criminal defence, making him a sought-after barrister in complex and controversial lawsuits.


Having received instructions from bodies such as the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and National Crime Agency (NCA), Atty. Eissa is well-versed in the latest criminal defence strategies. You can expect to receive end-to-end services, from preliminary investigations all the way to your trial. While the attorney has argued many cases in court, he endeavours to reach discreet resolutions so you can avoid criminal charges or litigation.


Atty. Eissa understands that criminal defendants like you are subject to prejudice. With over 30 years of legal experience under his belt, the lawyer offers empathetic and passionate service, regardless of the nature of your allegations. His goal is to achieve the best results possible while minimising the impact a criminal defence case might inflict on your private life.

Atty. Eissa says: “To face criminal charges is one of the most daunting things you could experience, especially given the consequences if you are found guilty. I offer my expertise so you can get a fair shot at justice and reclaim your life.”

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Get added peace of mind knowing a renowned lawyer like Atty. Eissa is representing you. If you’re facing a criminal case, be sure to work with this top King’s Counsel!

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