Mindfulness Journal For Children: Best Kid’s Diary Encourages Positivity

Do you want your children to be

  • happy,
  • self-confident,
  • creative,
  • playful,
  • grateful,
  • mindful,
  • and fulfilled?

If so, you want My Values Journal.

The leading mindfulness journal for kids just got better in 2024. Buy yours at https://myvaluesjournal.com

My Values Journal, The 2024 Edition

The 2024 edition of My Values Journal has been created by a team of child psychologists and wellness professionals and executed by a team of professional illustrators and designers. The end result is a beautifully illustrated and inviting journal that is designed to be appealing to your young children and that includes age-appropriate messages and activities to promote mental wellness and mindfulness. 

The Problem Of Child Anxiety & Depression

The team behind My Values Journal has released the 2024 edition in response to the growing rates of diagnosed depression and anxiety in children. As the latest figures from the CDC reflect, the rate of anxiety and depression in children as young as 3 is now a significant 9.4%. 

Helping Your Children To Find Happiness & Fulfilment

The team at My Values Journal knows that, as a parent today, you are likely deeply troubled by these figures and maybe you are struggling with knowing how to provide life lessons in happiness, wellness and fulfillment to your kids.

That’s why they have made My Values Journal, which they hope can help develop the habit of gratitude journaling in your children from a young age, and help you and your kids to go on a positive journey this year. 

Teaching Positive Values

The new edition of the book features more activities, stories and journaling prompts and has an inclusive cast of friendly illustrated characters who will guide your children through each activity. In addition to offering wellness-improving skills like meditation, it offers your kids values like resilience, determination and friendship. 

The team at My Values Journal above all describes the journal as a book of positivity that can uplift and inspire your young children. 

Parents Love My Values Journal

One happy parent of a young boy, said of My Values Journal, “This book is truly exceptional. My son, who often struggles with self-doubt and placing immense pressure on himself, has noticeably become more relaxed and self-assured. Since reading this book, he has started sharing instances of his achievements at school with me, indicating a positive shift in his mindset.” 

Another pleased parent of a six-year-old girl said, “In the weeks since we began using this journal with our daughter, I have observed a remarkable increase in self-awareness and a heightened enthusiasm for utilizing new learning tools and self-regulation techniques. The challenges she has to embark upon now serve as a catalyst, propelling her personal growth to new heights.” 

You can now purchase the 2024 edition at the My Values Journal online store. 

Make 2024 a happy and thriving year for your kids and your family at https://myvaluesjournal.com

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