Play Games & Earn Rewards While Travelling: App For Train & Bus Public Transport

You don’t always have to stare out the window or fall asleep while in transit. Skedadle mobile gaming app offers you a fun way to keep yourself busy by giving you the chance to play games and earn for as long as you like.

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The mobile app offers you an uninterrupted gaming experience that allows you to generate revenue while using sustainable public transport services like trams, lift-share cars, buses, or trains.

According to popular jobs board, Total Jobs, UK commuters lose an average of £145 to commuting costs every month, an amount that has continued to increase with the rising costs of transportation. A survey from the company revealed that over 1.3 million workers showed a willingness to quit their jobs due to commuting pressures.

The Skedadle mobile app uses its gaming platform to provide entertainment and real-life utility that lessens your transportation burdens. As a player, you get rewarded with a portion of the value generated when brands purchase ad space on the app, which translates into cash rewards, discounts, deals, and other incentives for you.

Skedadle also has a secure wallet where you can easily accumulate monetary rewards and cash out to a personal bank account at your convenience.

The app delivers online advertisements using banner ads, which are less intrusive than pop-up ads. This ad placement approach guarantees you a seamless experience while playing games on the move.

About the Company

Skedadle offers a unique gaming experience by rewarding players for travelling sustainably. The company is on a mission to transform commuting in the UK by encouraging the use of eco-friendly public transport practices.

A satisfied user said, “This app has proven to be an excellent tool for my university trips. Public transport can be so expensive, but now I can easily earn and even save with Skedadle. It also excites me to know that I’m saving carbon emissions with it and I will definitely recommend this app to everyone I know.”

Enough with those annoying pop-up ads already! With Skedadle, it ends in a win-win for everyone. You get uninterrupted game time, and the advertisers get productive ad spaces for their products and services.

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