Promote Your Business & Events In Chelmsford, UK With This Local Marketing App

Promote Your Business & Events In Chelmsford, UK With This Local Marketing App

It’s not just local businesses who can benefit, either. If you have a local event, radio station, charity, or community group, this innovative app is designed to be the go-to resource in the area.

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Most businesses recognise that having an online presence is more important than ever before. However, if you own a smaller business, you might find it difficult to compete, particularly given the impacts of the pandemic. With its unique listing, The Chelmsford Guide gives you an affordable way to reach clients where they spend so much time; their smartphones.

It’s little surprise that e-commerce saw a significant increase during the past 2 years. As a recent report from Deloitte points out, the trend towards digital is likely to continue. Your customers now expect greater levels of convenience, including the ability to find the information they need on mobile devices.

The Chelmsford Guide was developed in response to that demand. Along with offering an all-in-one resource to local residents and visitors, it also gives you a more efficient way to promote your business. Along with standard information, your businesses can also list special offers, photo galleries, video links, and much more.

The application’s event listing section is also a powerful promotional tool. Users can purchase tickets directly through The Chelmsford Guide, and built-in maps and navigation features make it easier to find a venue.

About The Chelmsford Guide

In addition to supporting local businesses, The Chelmsford Guide also provides access to a variety of charitable organisations and community groups in the region. Social media pages and contact details are available for those who wish to volunteer, and users can also connect with other group members. The developers of the application expect to release further updates in the near future.

A representative of The Chelmsford Guide recently stated: “We want to provide you with information and updates that are always at your fingertips and only ever a tap away. We created the app to support the local community and help local businesses and organisations, as well. We aim to become the ‘go-to’ local resource for Chelmsford residents.”

The Chelmsford Guide is the cost-effective way for local businesses to build a digital presence.

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