Track Travel Keyword Rankings With Best Automated WordPress Tool For Bloggers

Track Travel Keyword Rankings With Best Automated WordPress Tool For Bloggers

Recently, I started writing my own blog but I was struggling to get any traffic. So, I called my friend who’s an SEO expert and we decided to discuss it over a drink.

When we met, he told me “keywords are everywhere” and entered into a bar, bars, pub, tavern, public house, Irish pub, drinks, beer, alcohol…

Jokes aside, keywords really are everywhere – but, unless you know how to use them, you will end up with word soup similar to the example above.

Luckily, there is a tool which makes it easy for you to track all your keywords, find the ones that work and the ones that don’t, and optimize your content for best results!

Business Promotion Central has created a website plugin which automates keyword rank tracking for travel bloggers and helps you optimize your SEO strategies.

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If you didn’t know, SEO is very important if you want your travel blog to succeed. Did you know that SEO-optimized content brings the most traffic to travel blogs? Or that long-tail keywords in posts are most likely to rank on Google? Yep, it’s a brave new SEO world.

With the keyword rank checker, you can track hundreds of travel-related keywords, receive daily updates, and track keyword positions over a 30-day period on a graph.

Through these analytics, you can monitor improvements and adjust content and strategies for improved ranking and long-term growth. On top of that, you’ll add long-term value to the sale price of your blog by demonstrating its ranking for profitable high-intent keywords.

Business Promotion Central has the tool you need to succeed in this highly competitive field!

“Our service is ideal for travel bloggers that wish to track where they rank for specific travel-related keywords,” explains a company representative. “It’s 100% automated software that tracks all your Google rankings, so you can avoid wasting your time trying to track results manually.”

Once installed, the automatic keyword rank checker will track all Google keyword rankings for your travel blog, display results inside your WordPress website, and send daily reports which provide in-depth insights for website optimization. Oh, and did I mention you can use it to track multiple websites? Connect as many as you like – even competitor travel blogs – so you can stay on top of trends and popular searches.

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Along with the keyword rank tracking tool, the company also offers a guide to help beginners make the most of the plugin, keywords, SEO, and their websites.

Read the guide at

Sure, you could keep track of keyword rankings manually – but, as a wise woman once said, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” With this easy-to-use tool, you can automate the whole process at a fraction of the cost of a similar service.

So check it out at and get it even cheaper while the special offer lasts!

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