A New Book By Tony J. Selimi Helps You Discover & Achieve Your True Potential

A New Book By Tony J. Selimi Helps You Discover & Achieve Your True Potential

Most people know what their dream life looks like. It’s easy to visualize what you want for yourself, but it’s not as easy to get there.

Did you know the only things separating you from the life you want are confidence, clarity, and an actionable, step-by-step plan?

This is where Tony J. Selimi steps in.

A world-renowned life strategist, business coach, and award-winning author, Tony escaped from war-torn Northern Macedonia with just pennies in his pocket in pursuit of a life helmed by his own drive, intellect, and courage. And he went on to build an empire.

Today, Tony is the CEO of TJS Cognition, a much sought-after speaker and thought leader, and a highly regarded transformational coach who has changed the lives of many. And he can do the same for you.

In his latest book, “A Path to Excellence – The Blueprint to Achieving Your Greatest Potential” Tony gives you that step-by-step guide you need to achieve the success and fulfillment you yearn for.

Already an Amazon bestseller, Tony’s book supports you through a series of self-exploration exercises, practical lessons, and inspirational stories from past clients who achieved their own personal and professional goals under his mentorship.

Learn more about A Path to Excellence, and find out where to get your copy, at https://tonyselimi.com/books/a-path-to-excellence

TJS Cognition is a leading provider of coaching and personal development counsel to a wide list of clients that includes business leaders, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and individuals just starting out in their careers.

A Path To Excellence merges these strategies with an introduction to Tony’s Octagon of Excellence to introduce you to a set of eight principles that help you look inward, break through your personal barriers, and discover your true potential so you can reach your highest calling.

Tony says he wrote A Path to Excellence to offer overachievers like you a blueprint for leaving their own mark on the world. “From career and finances to relationships and personal growth, this book has something for every individual,” he says.

Get your own personal guide to identifying and overcoming self-limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and counter-productive behaviors so you can develop a clear and uninterrupted vision of what you want to achieve and begin implementing a plan that puts you on the path to success.

In his book, Tony unravels the complexities of communication to help you build stronger and more meaningful relationships and offers tips on cultivating a daily practice of mindfulness and self-reflection to keep you motivated and moving forward.

A Path to Excellence has already received 5-star reviews from readers and industry experts alike, who praise Tony for his research, wisdom, and clear and actionable advice. Hundreds of people can’t be wrong!

Tony draws on over 30 years of study in areas that include neuroscience, engineering, psychology, people management and neurolinguistics to distill the quintessence of personal, financial, and professional success so you can take that template and apply it to your own life.

Founder of TJS Cognition, Tony has been featured in numerous magazines and is a sought-after speaker and thought leader on topics ranging from leadership and personal growth to mindfulness, spirituality, and communication.

An “A Path to Excellence” reader says, “Tony’s new book is an in-depth amalgamation of science and spirit that creates a life-transforming method for turning our greatest challenges into a blueprint for our greatest success. He teaches you how to pursue a path of excellence so you can achieve your wildest dreams. Tony has a unique way of awakening your truest potential and helping you use that to nudge your world toward excellent. I’ve read it cover to cover, again and again.”

Is it time you found out what’s preventing you from putting your true potential to work? Find out more and get your copy of A Path to Excellence now at https://tonyselimi.com/books/a-path-to-excellence

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