Best UK Customisable Long-Lasting Cotton Aprons For Restaurant Chefs & Waiters

Best UK Customisable Long-Lasting Cotton Aprons For Restaurant Chefs & Waiters

Now you can cook in style with a customisable apron from okTSHIRT!

If you’re a home cook, butcher, or a member of a restaurant’s staff, the Birmingham-based custom apparel retailer is allowing you to create long-lasting aprons featuring personalised designs. The aprons are made from 100% premium thick cotton, making them resistant to spills and stains while also allowing for movement and flexibility.

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If you spend a lot of time in a kitchen, an apron is a necessary piece of attire. Aprons can be used to store things, such as cooking utensils, stationery, smartphones, and other useful items. They can also help with staff identification, and building a sense of unity and camaraderie amongst a team. But most importantly, aprons protect the clothing underneath from coming into contact with food, which, besides keeping it clean, also prevents the spread of food-borne germs.

okTSHIRT’s customisable aprons feature two sizeable, easy-to-access front pockets. The neck loop and straps are made using the same 100% premium thick cotton as the apron, ensuring that both your neck and back remain comfortable through extended periods of use.

At this time, okTSHIRT’s aprons are only available in black and come in one size. However, you can customise the aprons by uploading your design, logo, picture, or text into okTSHIRT’s online design studio. Once it is uploaded, one of okTSHIRT’s design professionals will help you finalise the design specifications of your garment.

The designs are printed using okTSHIRT’s direct-to-garment (DTG) printing method. This method involves spraying the designs directly onto the garment using high-quality inks. The inks are then given time to bond with the fabric, ensuring a vibrant, long-lasting image. DTG not only produces a bold and striking design, but it’s also quick to set up, which allows for multiple garments to be produced in one sitting.

In addition to custom aprons, okTSHIRT also has a range of ready-made aprons featuring funny and quirky designs ready for immediate purchase. These include the Barbecue Party, Fit to Grill, Ideal Chef, Grill Master, and Master Chef versions of the apron.

“Until recently, the kitchen staff at my restaurant were wearing a hodgepodge of aprons, and they didn’t look like a team at all,” said a satisfied customer. “okTSHIRT helped me out with a bulk order of aprons that featured my restaurant’s logo and each chef’s name. Not only do they look like a team now, but they each have something they can call their own.”

The customisable aprons are available on the okTSHIRT website for between £25.00 and £35.00 depending on the chosen design. Turnaround time on custom orders varies depending on quantity but most orders are typically ready for shipping within 24 hours. okTSHIRT offers three different shipping methods for you to choose from.

About okTSHIRT

Based in Birmingham, UK okTSHIRT has over 10 years of experience in the custom apparel industry. In addition to aprons, they also sell customisable hoodies, t-shirts, and bodysuits for men, women, and children.

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