Overcome Self-Limiting Doubt With This 5-Day Executive Skills-Building Training

Overcome Self-Limiting Doubt With This 5-Day Executive Skills-Building Training

With the business world becoming increasingly competitive, moving forward in your career can feel overwhelming and sometimes even impossible. Being in business is hard, and even if you enjoyed great success when starting, that success isn’t always guaranteed to continue.

World-renowned life strategist, business coach, TEDx speaker and award-winning author Tony J. Selimi specializing in human behaviour and maximizing human potential, can help.

His upcoming 5-day transformational training retreat helps executives and entrepreneurs build the critical mental and emotional skills they need to see their way through career transition and stalled progression. And you can be part of it.

If you’ve plateaued, find out what’s keeping you stuck and how to move forward. Register for this upcoming retreat and gain the tools, clarity, and courage you need to achieve your desired success.

Tony specializes in human behaviour and maximizing human potential. His 5-day Vital Planning retreat coalesces 30 years of expertise in technology, psychology, emotional intelligence, business, leadership, wealth building, healing, coaching and mentorship to help business leaders and entrepreneurs understand how long-held self-limiting beliefs can stand in the way of greater success.

Learn more, and reserve your spot now at https://tonyselimi.com/vital-planning-retreat

The metaphoric idiom “The sky’s the limit” is often bandied about without much thought but clients of Tony J. Selimi say after working one-on-one with him and participating in his coaching retreats they’ve gone on to do extraordinary things.

By understanding the roles personal doubt, relationship strain, financial stress, and other negative factors play in inhibiting your success, you’ll learn to recalibrate counterproductive thoughts and behaviours. Hence, every facet of your life aligns with your personal, wealth-building, business goals and authentic values.

The programme integrates Tony’s proprietary 25 conscious engineering principles foundational to the TJSeMethod: Alarm®; The Unfakeable Code® 5-Step Method; and the eight life-navigating steps of the Octagon of Excellence® to teach you how to tap into your potential, model leadership at work, and how to inspire colleagues, staff, and others around you.

Tony’s 5 and 10-day retreats take place in resort locales where fresh ocean air, lush natural surroundings, and world-class hospitality give you a much-needed opportunity to release your everyday stresses so you can create a customized growth plan with clear and actionable steps.

In addition, you’ll be shown how to maximise your potential by recognising and building upon your strengths and talents. You’ll have the opportunity to directly ask Tony questions about your personal, relationship, and business challenges and will receive tailored advice on overcoming sticking points.

Some of the corporate world’s most successful CEOs and executives have benefitted from Tony J. Selimi’s coaching and training workshops, with many saying they’ve come away with renewed clarity that resulted in life-changing experiences and led to strategic business growth opportunities.

Tony is the winner of the London SME Most Visionary Entrepreneur and the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Business Coach of the Year award in 2022. His work and previous books have been endorsed by the advisors of former President Barack Obama, Jack Canfield, DR John Demartini, Brian Tracy, the late Her Majesty the Queen, and other renowned public figures.

With the newly announced 5-day Vital Planning retreat, you, along with fellow executives, CEOs, growth seekers and change makers, will be given the skills you need to achieve your most valued goals.

Ready to reach your next level? Go to https://tonyselimi.com/vital-planning-retreat to get started.

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