Best Wood Burning Fireplace Installation In Carmarthen: Energy Efficiency Study

Winter Is Coming!

And no, I’m not talking about Game of Thrones (that’s still relevant, right?). I’m talking about the bone-chilling, frosted-windshield, no-sunlight season. The “I haven’t left the house in days” season. The season of “Is two coats enough?” You know, that season.

If you couldn’t tell, I am not a big fan of the winter season, though it does have some upsides. Namely, nothing beats kicking your feet up in front of a warm fire!

What’s that? You don’t have a place for a fire? Well, what if I told you that could very easily change!

Hopkins Log Burners is the premier provider of in-home wood-burning fireplace installations in the Carmarthen area. If you have a pre-existing hearth or fireplace, a Hopkins burner can be easily installed with no additional construction needed, providing you with a safe, bespoke heating option this winter!

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Carmarthen: A Case Study

To show off the good work that their technicians can do for both old and new construction homes, Hopkins has published a range of case studies regarding the energy efficiency and visual qualities of their installations.

The installation at the heart of their latest case study shows off the Charnwood C5 model 5kw wood burner, a high-efficiency welded steel option. The burner was installed in the fireplace area of a semi-detached structure in Carmarthen, and was seamlessly integrated into the pre-existing flue and chimney of the home.

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The Findings

The case study found that the burner was able to reliably heat the wing of the house, burning at a consistent rate with minimal loss. The clients noted their fondness for the aesthetic value of their new burner, as well as its functionality, commenting that the burnished steel design provided a complementary accent to the brick fireplace.

In the study’s conclusion, the company also details the testing process that went into this and every Hopkins installation, explaining that rigorous methods are used to ensure that no gasses produced by the burning process are released into the home. In order to duly confirm this, the company custom outfits each installation using high-quality stainless steel vitreous piping, forming an airtight seal with the chimney.

Hopkins: The Best Option This Season

The featured installation features one of Hopkins’ wood-burning models, though the company also carries a wide range of other options. These other options may be coal-fired or can burn pellet fuel, though some models offer a hybrid experience burning logs, pellets, or both at the same time.

All Hopkins log burners are HETAS-certified and manufactured in Britain by expert craftsmen using only premium materials. Their team of technicians is also available to provide post-installation maintenance and repair services if necessary; the company also recommends annual service checks to ensure that wood burners remain safe and functional.

You can browse available models and read more coverage at the link below. For service appointments or to speak to a representative, customers can call 07498 959603.

That’s right: sustainable, aesthetically pleasing heat is only a call away. Don’t wait, the winter weather certainly won’t!

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