Simpler Traffic By Chris Munch: How To Use Ultra-Specific Content To Drive Leads

There’s really no simpler way to put it: organic traffic rules. It converts better, makes your brand stand out more on Google, and is key to succes for virtually all website.

Driving organic traffic isn’t that easy, though.

Or is it?

Yes, Driving Organic Traffic Can Be Easier – With Simpler Traffic by Chris Munch

Simpler Traffic – set to launch in late October – is a complete solution combining expert training with “done-for-you” AI-assisted software.

The result is a system that drives organic traffic by:

  • focusing on low-competition micro-niches,
  • using effective content to answer relevant questions, and
  • empowering digital entrepreneurs of all experience levels to improve their conversion using a tried-and-tested system.

(Check it out for yourself at

Why Organic Search Matters

Driving organic traffic from Google continues to be a key priority for businesses and marketers worldwide – with organic search ranked at the top of all website traffic, at 53.3%.

Recent Google algorithm updates have increased the impact of user experience and content quality, and AI advances are opening up new opportunities for entrepreneurs, says Chris – and Simpler Traffic provides a robust solution that covers everything from the basics of targeted traffic generation to an intuitive, easy-to-use software that automates the heavy lifting.

How Simpler Traffic Works

The Simpler Traffic training is based on Chris’ more than a decade of experience creating hyper-specific content that has reached over 50 million people and continues to generate millions in sales for thousands of businesses across sectors.

Expert Training

Members benefit from step-by-step instruction on how to create high-conversion content, with fill-in-the-blanks templates available to make the process as efficient as possible. The training also includes essential tips on:

  • creating high-conversion calls to action,
  • developing smart monetization strategies, and
  • scaling up existing online businesses.

Powerful DFY Software

The software allows users to easily publish their content on high-authority media platforms, leveraging existing traffic sources combined with valuable, ultra-specific expert content to get seen by relevant audiences, explains Chris.

Effective Conversion

Finally, users will be able to use the posts to convert visitors into leads and sales, using Chris’ proprietary strategies.

Recognized as “one of the best systems available right now for getting targeted organic traffic on autopilot,” the system at the core of Simpler Traffic has a wide range of applications – from e-commerce to coaching, local business websites, agencies looking to generate traffic for clients, and many others.

Go to to learn more about Simpler Traffic (and set up 6-figure digital assets in just 90 days!)

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