Book Appointments & Manage Payments With This UK Physiotherapy Clinic Software

Book Appointments & Manage Payments With This UK Physiotherapy Clinic Software

Does your physiotherapy practice need an automated management system? The simple answer is: absolutely.

When scheduling is important and certain admin tasks are repetitive, practice management software keeps track of all your clients, your notes, and your waitlists, as well as referrals, who’s generating the most referrals, billing, and much, much more.

When you have a system running and tracking everything, including financial reports and other analytics, the potential for human error is removed, and you get instant access to accurate information.

So now the question is, how do I access this sorcery? The answer is Power Diary. Power Diary’s practice management software is one of the best in the industry, and right now you can get your first six months for 50% off.

British physiotherapist clinics of any size, from solo practitioners to multi-location clinics can now get Power Diary’s powerful calendar system at a 50% savings. Your cloud-based system organizes your administrative tasks, streamlines your appointment bookings, simplifies invoice creation and billing, manages patient medical records, and generates instant performance metrics.

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You and/or your receptionist are probably managing all of this paperwork yourselves. With Power Diary practice management software, you get a specialized system designed to help you run your clinic more efficiently for a more profitable and scalable business down the line.

Power Diary’s physiotherapist practice management software organizes and stores your client contract records, treatment notes, and appointment calendars. It also issues appointment reminders and client referrals, and tracks all your bookings, referrals, and other performance insights.

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Your one-click calendar allows you to set and customise appointments, and then forget them because the system takes care of the rest. It can send up to three automated SMS and/or email appointment reminders per appointment, manage your waitlists, confirm appointment follow-through, and automatically fill your no-show slots.

If a patient is unable to attend their appointment in person you can use the telehealth video call function without cumbersome logins or downloads.

Online forms make it easier to automatically collect new client information and manage consent forms, your client notes, your files, and more, which are automatically stored for instant access. These notes can include client classifications, all correspondence, customisable treatment notes, and insurance details.

The online booking and payment process makes your invoicing and remote payment instant and secure. The system can manage single or multiple services and provides full receipt details.

With flexible reports and analytics functionality, you can instantly access the data you need to assess key performance metrics for insights on problem areas and growth opportunities. Visit

Your practice management software is specifically designed to benefit your physiotherapy practice. Power Diary helps you streamline your daily administrative tasks for accelerated efficiencies and greater profit potential.

Are you ready for a system that lets your day-to-day admin routines manage themselves? Visit to find out more.

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