Cost-Effective Online Dominance SEO Agency – Real Results For Medical Spa Botox

Cost-Effective Online Dominance SEO Agency - Real Results For Medical Spa Botox

If Google Maps asked you to rate the sun, would you give it just one star?

Seriously though, if you’re looking to get your business into the Google Maps 3-pack, so potential customers can see that 4 or 5-star rating you’ve worked so hard to get – then you need to look into reputation marketing.

The Google search ranking algorithms require your brand to have a high online reputation to be ranked near the top in competitive search results. KFN Infinity has been shown to improve its clients’ online reputation, by having their branded content featured on a wide variety of high-authority sites.

Visit to see a list of some of the recognizable media sources where they can get your brand featured.

By having branded multimedia content and articles shared across hundreds of sites, KFN Infinity improves your rankings on Google and other search engines, while also creating pages of content that all contain links back to your main pages. The entire service requires very little information from your brand, and the pages are all created by a team of professional authors and content creators.

The multimedia content can be shared as slideshows, podcasts, blogs, and videos, so that med spa owners can capture the attention of potential customers regardless of their preferred method of collecting information online. After you sign up, your content is usually available to be reviewed and approved within days, before it will be shared to news and multimedia sites.

KFN Infinity’s team will do keyword research on search results relating to your brand and identify specific areas and topics that can improve your rankings. Simple color-coded graphics detailing your current ranking, and how it is improving, will be provided and updated regularly once a month.

A recent study found that 68% of searchers prefer to visit sites in the local Google Maps 3-pack, and only 10% trust the paid advertisements at the top of the search results. Reputation marketing campaigns can often get you listed in the 3-pack within 6 months, for several keyword variations.

After your content is online, KFN Infinity will provide your company with “as seen on” badges for the media sources that have shared your articles. Posting these badges on landing or sales pages improves customer trust and can increase conversions by up to 48%.

A satisfied client said, “The awesome team at KFN completely understood our goals and helped us expand our reach beyond our core base. Great results, and great communication.”

How often do you look at the second page of the Google search results? If you don’t, chances are pretty good that your potential customers don’t either. Getting ranked on page 1, or even in the Google Maps 3-pack is easier than you think – just ask KFN Infinity.

Visit to start improving your search rankings today.

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