Hypoallergenic Mulberry Silk Pillowcases Improve Hair & Skin Says London Expert

Hypoallergenic Mulberry Silk Pillowcases Improve Hair & Skin Says London Expert

Do you wake up every morning with sleep wrinkles on one side of your face and your hair a tangled mess? You must be sleeping on cotton. Change your bedding to MayfairSilk’s premium silk bedding, and you can say goodbye to those wrinkles and tangles.

The company’s range of silk sheets, pillowcases, cushion covers, sleep masks, and accessories is available to you if you live in England, but worldwide shipping is also available.

Visit https://mayfairsilk.com/pages/benefits-of-silk to see some of the beautiful silk designs waiting for you.

You can enjoy the luxury of silk’s timeless style and elegance with silk bedding from this London-based company. You may even be surprised to find that you sleep better with silk bedding.

If you have dry, flaky skin, you can benefit from sleeping on silk. MayfairSilk explains that silk has a similar pH level to your skin and absorbs very little moisture from your skin, leaving it better hydrated than after sleeping on cotton, which absorbs much of your skin’s moisture.

Neal B. Schultz, MD, New York City dermatologist, says that people are rarely allergic to silk, which is free of potentially irritating chemicals and contains natural substances that ward off dust mites, mould, and fungus.

New York City hair salon owner John Corbett says that sleeping on a silk pillowcase will keep your hair soft, moisturized, and free of tangles. He adds that sleeping on silk might even preserve your hairstyle longer than if you slept on cotton.

The National Center for Sleep Disorders Research at the National Institutes of Health reports that 30 to 40 percent of Americans have problems sleeping, with bedding to blame in at least some cases. Replacing cotton with silk bedding can make a positive change in your sleep quality.

MayfairSilk was founded by British entrepreneurs Marcus and Darshana Ubi in their effort to produce items of quality that enhance people’s lives. When Darshana recognized the positive difference silk made in her hair, skin, and sleep, she shared her thoughts with Marcus, and together they sourced the finest products to produce their premier silk collection.

As part of their eco-consciousness, they plant a tree with every order.

A happy customer wrote, “We love these pillowcases. They are so very soft to the touch and they feel lovely to lie on. They also look good. They were a present for my wife, who insisted on putting them on the bed as soon she got them.”

Are you ready to luxuriate in silk bedding? You won’t be sorry.

Learn all about the benefits of silk at https://mayfairsilk.com/pages/benefits-of-silk and order your new bedding to transform the way you sleep.

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