Going Beyond Convention With A New Advanced Linguistic Influencing Training

Going Beyond Convention With A New Advanced Linguistic Influencing Training

Earlier today, Life Training Systems finally announced the release of the new flagship Advanced Linguistic Influencing training. With a new Live 7 Day format for this NLP Master Practitioner Language Based Training. This training has been developing and evolving over the past 6 years from its original 4 day duration to this brand new 7 day format. The training has had many additions for 2022, which include the 10 Powerful and Predictable Automatic Influencers along with the LTS Breakthrough Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y Coaching model and personal breakthrough day. This training is now really packing a punch, jam packed full of advanced influence and persuasion NLP language techniques.

Colin McKay, Lead Trainer and Owner of Life Training Systems Ltd, says: “Always wanting to push the boundaries and try something new has created a monumental best ever version of the Advanced Linguistic Influencing training. Anyone familiar with the NLP And Hypnosis Training market will probably have noticed how everyone else seems to spend a lot of time training the peripheral techniques, like anchoring and sub-modalities, which could be trained more linguistically rather than the old traditional way. There also seems to be a tendency to introducing other made up gimmicks more to razzle dazzle than to be therapeutically effective. NLP is called Neuro “Linguistic” Programming yet competitors don’t seem to spend nearly enough time training the most powerful aspect which is the NLP language components. This is a problem because it can leave the students (some of which have been in LTS trainings) a bit lost and confused about the effectiveness of the skills that have supposedly been acquired, which then means it’s difficult to practice and apply them well enough to be able to master them.”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, The Advanced Linguistic Influencing NLP training will now be pretty much unique in the market place, because it trains students in every aspect of the cutting edge listening skills and conversational influencing skills. Life Training Systems chose to make this move because of a belief that when any student looks to study and perfect a therapeutic modality, there should be an expectation to leave the training with a complete system that can be applied pretty much straight away and deliver great results for clients.

Colin McKay also said “Life Training Systems is all about giving students what will deliver, for those ready and keen to learn the confidence inspiring easy to follow step by step process that supports gaining successful experiences of helping others create positive therapeutic change. With the Advanced Linguistic Influencing NLP Training, there are at last fresh new possibilities to gain expert skills from expert teachers who care. Life Training Systems is all about successful graduates, empowered and feeling confident when using all that is trained in this program. Students leave the program knowing there is ongoing support, now well equipped to go out into the market, get clients and create lasting positive results, using all of the skills learned from Advanced Linguistic Influencing. Trying something new can sometimes be risky, but having engineered out all of the risk makes this an exciting journey well worth taking.”

Life Training Systems Ltd has been serving students successfully for over 11 years now. Having been established in 2010. Since Day 1 it has always aimed to deliver the very best and most effective complete models of therapy in the context of each and all of the therapeutic modalities trained.

Advanced Linguistic Influencing is set to launch, with the first dates for this new format 7 Day live training scheduled to be held in Surrey from the 6th to the 12th of February 2022 and registration is now open. To find out more and get a detailed curriculum for this training, then simply visit https://lifetrainingsystems.com/nlp-training

Further detailed information about Life Training Systems can be found at https://lifetrainingsystems.com

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