Like Romance Fiction? Add This Gripping Western Love Story To Your Bookshelf

Love romantic fiction and ready to add an enthralling new read to your collection? Enter Amelia Rose.

Her new book, A Loving Heart For The Loyal Deputy, is the sixth book in her Bear Creek Bride Series. It’s part of a collection of Western love stories that are set in the United States in the 1800s and 1900s.

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If you are a fan of romance fiction, you will now be able to purchase a book that is described as ‘dramatic’ and ‘full of twists, turns, and surprises’. Set in Montana in 1893, the plot reveals a tortured love story. It follows the romance of a young woman named Bethany Duncan and a loyal and upstanding Deputy Sheriff called Tanner Williams.

The pair are hundreds of miles apart but are brought together when Tanner places an ad for a mail-order bride in the paper. After falling in love with the young Deputy from afar, Bethany leaves her hometown and her possessive father to be with her new love. But when she arrives, she finds a town filled with danger and violence.

As the new couple contends with the threat of violence in the town and struggles with Tanner’s personal demons, their relationship begins to unravel. The pair question whether they are destined to find lasting love and begin to doubt the effectiveness of the mail order bride system.

As you read, you will wonder, will these struggles prove to be too much for the young couple, or will their love be enough to conquer all?

Interested? You should purchase the book on Amazon where it’s currently available in paperback and as a Kindle download. Previous readers have enjoyed the book’s gripping plot, romantic themes, and historical accuracy.

A reviewer says, “This was an excellent book written by Amelia Rose. It’s the kind you can’t put down. It’s filled with intrigue and a whole lot more. Will people die? Will Bethany’s father find her? Will there be a happy ending? I would recommend this book to everyone.”

About The Author

Amelia Rose is the author of more than 20 books. She primarily writes Western romances and her previous titles include A Division Of Two Hearts, Healing A Self Conscious Woman’s Heart, and The Rancher’s Fiery Bride.

Are you ready to get lost in the pages of this beautiful story?

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