Immerse Yourself In The Old West With This Whirlwind Historical Romance Novel

Immerse Yourself In The Old West With This Whirlwind Historical Romance Novel

When it comes to dashing heroes and strong-willed damsels, no historical period is better than the American Old West. For a romance that sweeps you off your feet and restores your faith in true love, take a look at ‘A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy’ by Amelia Rose, for a mail-order bride tale of overcoming solitude and finding a happy ending!

The latest release is set in the wild terrain of Montana in 1893, and follows the traditions of the romance genre as it tells the tale of Deputy Tanner Williams and his loneliness in his search for love.

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The new novel is the most recent addition to Amelia Rose’s Bear Creek Brides series, published by the Beldene Group and available to purchase via Amazon in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats.

A self-confessed shameless romance addict, Amelia Rose began her storytelling career with hopes of being an actress, but soon realized it wasn’t for her. It took a decade of dreaming before she considered writing as an alternative way to share her stories of passion and romance with the world, and each of her novels contains the elements that drew her to the genre in the first place.

Amelia’s latest release, ‘A Loving Heart for the Loyal Deputy’ is a Western Mail Order Bride Romance centered around the quick-thinking Deputy Tanner Williams. As his friends find love and settle down around him, you’ll read of how the deputy begins to struggle with the looming void of his own loneliness, and with each day that passes, his longing for love grows.

The story follows the deputy as he gathers his courage to place an ad for a mail-order bride, and he soon finds himself caught up in the wit and wiles of one Bethany Duncan of Tennessee. Her heart set on marrying for love – not the wealthy strangers her controlling father would prefer – the determined young woman plans her escape, traveling alone by train to the turbulent town of Bear Creek to find the deputy she’s already fallen for, heedless of the danger that surrounds him.

A novel that contains all of the classic elements of historical romance, alongside surprising twists and thrills, drama, and a quest for happiness, Amelia Rose’s writing captivates you in the enthralling world of Bear Creek, keeping you immersed until the last page.

Amelia Rose is the author you can rely on for vicarious romance in classic historical settings, the tropes and elements you’ll fall in love with every time, and a series of novels that keep you guessing!

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