Learn About EMF Radiation’s Effect On Our Antibiotic Resistance From This Report

Learn About EMF Radiation's Effect On Our Antibiotic Resistance From This Report

Are you concerned about EMF radiation? Find out what the science is telling us about the effects of mobile technology on our health with Omnia’s new report!

The renowned health and science collective specializes in the interaction of microwave radiation and human cells. Their new report explores the link between electromagnetic fields and gut health – read it for free on the Omnia website now!

‘Does EMF Radiation Affect Our Gut Health? What We Know So Far’ gives you a detailed analysis of why society’s preoccupation with wireless devices may be causing serious long-term consequences for human wellbeing.

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The article was written by highly-respected journalist Jane Knight and offers you an engaging study of emerging research on the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on cellular activity, digestive function, and the consequences for overall human health. Intrigued? Read on to find out more.

The term ‘gut’ refers to the human gastrointestinal system – the long tract or tube that travels from the mouth, through your stomach and your large and small intestines, to the anus. Gut health relates to the essential balance of both good and bad bacteria, hormones, and nerves that enable the absorption of nutrients from the food you consume. Good bacteria, or gut flora, are also responsible for activating immune function in your cells, affecting your body’s ability to fight infection.

The report reveals that there are, in fact, trillions of beneficial microbes that line the intestinal tract. These colonies of microorganisms live in the skin, nose, and ears as well as in the gut. Learn about the 500 million nerve cells that connect your brain to your gut! Did you know that more of these originate in the digestive tract than in your brain? This is why the gut is sometimes referred to as a second brain. Mind-blowing, right?

According to the article, a large proportion of the hormone serotonin – responsible for feelings of wellbeing, happiness, and emotional stability – is produced in your gut alongside gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA, which regulates anxiety, fear, and the sleep cycle.

The report discusses the emerging scientific evidence, including a 2017 study published by the Journal of Microbiology, that suggests that the radiation from mobile phones and wireless devices significantly impairs the growth patterns of microbial cultures in your skin. Long-term damage to the human microbiome has also been shown to impact the onset of conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and multiple sclerosis.

Other topics include EMF radiation’s impact on immune response and the correlation between the increased use of mobile technology and the rise of auto-immune disorders. This connection also extends to the growing problem of antibiotic resistance which, scientists believe, is being exacerbated by low-frequency, non-ionizing radiation from our phones, laptops, and base stations.

The report states, “If there was ever a time to listen to our gut, it is now. There is clear evidence that shows how EMF radiation can disrupt the delicate balance of our gut microbiome.”

If knowledge is power, Omnia is arming a new generation with the hard truths of what EMF radiation is doing to our bodies and brains. Start educating yourself for the good of your health today and read the full report on the website now.

Is modern technology slowly killing us? Learn more at https://www.omniaradiationbalancer.com/blogs/news/emf-radiation-gut-health

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