Create & Sell DFY Courses: Black Friday And Cyber Monday Software Deal 2022

Create & Sell DFY Courses: Black Friday And Cyber Monday Software Deal 2022

Whether you want to create courses for your audience or leverage online editing software to create unlimited assets, Cyber Monday Software Deal 2022 by Eric Holmlund is ideal!

The package offers access to Courserious, MediaCloudPro, Buzzious, and VidVoicer. These provide engagement-focused content creation solutions for businesses across sectors.

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Eric Holmlund continues to provide you with the cloud-based tools you need to build stronger brand awareness, connect to customers on a global scale, and grow your enterprise without the need for in-depth industry experience.

Courserious allows you to create and sell courses online based on proven, ‘done for you’ templates. Over 190 options are available with access to ebooks and videos, and advanced features are integrated to streamline the course management process. These include quiz creators, a messaging system, and a student panel for communication.

Courses are available across a range of niches, from cooking to home decor, language learning, and yoga. You can begin with the pre-designed courses and then create your own to build a library of content that expands over time. Because the system utilizes the cloud, no downloads are required to begin, and courses can be managed from anywhere.

MediaCloudPro offers direct access to a searchable stock asset library and online media editing platform. This can be leveraged by entrepreneurs in any sector and includes images, graphics, icons, audio content, and high-definition videos.

With Buzzious, you can create your own viral news platforms through one dashboard. These curate trending content and showcase videos that can engage audiences in different niches. It integrates with Google Analytics and has SEO-friendly URLs for sharing content.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Software Deal 2022 also includes VidVoicer, which combines online video creation with a voiceover generator. You can build a collection of video and audio assets to use for promotions, social media campaigns, and more. It uses a ‘what you see is what you get’ editor for simplified creation, and no tech skills are required to gain traction.

A spokesperson states: “During this holiday season, we are offering limited-time pricing on a range of SAAS applications. All of our application programs have been top sellers and awarded Product of the Day.”

Are you looking for the most effective marketing tools to engage your audience in new ways? Download this deal today!

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