London Flats For Rent: Quickly Find Lease Homes For Relocating Professionals

Congratulations on being successfully enrolled at the uni of your dreams! Your very own London adventure begins now! But first, there are some practicalities to sort out. And if you’re here, you’ve probably already noticed something: finding good accommodation is not an easy quest in this city.

Fortunately, London Relocation, a professional letting agency, has updated its listings with spacious studio flats perfect for mature students, interns, and young professionals. These studios for lease will provide a safe haven from the hustle and bustle for international students looking for a private place to call home.

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London, one of the most sought-after cities for higher education, hosts students from all over the world. According to the HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency), during the academic year 2021/2022, almost half of the postgraduate students enrolled were non-UK domiciled. This proportion has gone up by 10% since 2017/2018. Furthermore, HESA’s student accommodation data shows that Own residence or Other rented accommodation is gaining popularity, while other living arrangements like Parental/guardian homes are declining. This highlights the growing demand for convenient and comfortable rental options.

Let’s have a sneak peek at one of the gems in London Relocation’s treasure trove: A pet-friendly sanctuary in Elephant and Castle, meticulously refurbished to the highest standards. A separate kitchen to concoct culinary masterpieces, a bathtub to soak away the toils of the day, and ample storage to squirrel away your possessions. Sunlight streams through the street-view windows, giving the studio an airy and expansive feel. Add to that the advantage of a zone 1+2 tube station within a short walk, and you’ve hit the jackpot in flexible commuting.

London Relocation’s property search tool gives access to a profound selection of listings, with filters allowing users to type in specific areas, budget, and keywords. And if you yearn for the human touch, the letting agency will handpick 18-25 properties that match your criteria and present them to you in a single day. With their local knowledge and prompt research, all of their previous clients signed their leases within a week.

London Relocation is a rental apartment agency that has been serving relocating individuals and families for over two decades. Its team of experienced expats simplifies the process of moving to London. The company also offers settling-in, corporate relocation, and orientation services to newcomers looking for a safe introduction to the city.

In the words of a client: “Having moved countries several times before, the most stressful part is always finding somewhere to live. This was the first time we’d used a relocator and we couldn’t be happier with the team at London Relocation.”

Check out all the listings and find a place to call home in the best city in the world here:

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