Perth Diesel Fuel Injector Specialist Offers Cost-Effective Testing & Repair

If you’re a commercial fleet operator, bus company, garage owner, or operate in the transport industry, and are located around the Perth in Scotland, you no longer have to travel too far to find a high-quality diesel injector and high pressure pump testing specialist – the experienced team at Extract Engineering Ltd is just a call away!

Being one of twelve Delphi-approved testing centres in the UK, Extract Engineering Ltd is one of the most advanced testing and fault analysis facilities available to serve you in Scotland, and the Borderlands.

Using the latest injector test benches, Hartridge AVM-2 PC, and Hartridge Sabre CRI Expert, the company will perform the most accurate diagnosis for your diesel fuel injector systems.

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With its cutting-edge technology, the company eliminates the obstacles associated with consistently testing large numbers of diesel injectors and pumps efficiently. This streamlined process allows Extract Engineering Ltd to provide a cost-effective solution for businesses that need to take care of their fleets of trucks, vans, or other vehicles.

Regular maintenance of diesel injectors helps you reduce operating costs and gas emissions from your commercial haulage and transport fleets. As such, Extract Engineering Ltd offers a wide range of services, including commercial injector testing, common-rail injector testing, common-rail fuel pump testing, and mechanical injector testing. Its solutions also include cleaning and repairing diesel injectors and pumps.

With high-quality equipment, the company ensures all tests and repairs of your vehicles’ diesel fuel injectors comply with OEM standards. The team also uses original manufacturer parts for repairs and refurbishment whenever possible.

Extract Engineering Ltd’s chief engineer, Steve Jefferson, has over 30 years of experience with diesel fuel injection systems. Fuel injection issues like poor installation, low-quality alternative parts, poor fuel filtering, and contaminated fuel are among the most common problems fixed by the engineers at the company.

By taking advantage of the testing centre’s advanced technology and skilled team, commercial fleet operators, garage owners, agricultural engineers, and plant engineers based in Scotland and the Borderlands no longer have to send diesel injectors and pumps as far as Preston and the midlands. The company, located close to the border, is the nearest option where you can meet your diesel injector testing needs.

All services you receive at the testing centre are backed up with a twelve-month warranty, subject to terms and conditions.

About Extract Engineering Ltd

Extract Engineering Ltd is a family-run business has built a reputation based on honest relationships with its customers. The team continues to provide the most cost-effective solution for maintaining diesel fuel systems for Perth and surrounding areas. You can find more details at

“We are now the “go-to” specialist in diesel fuel injection systems in Cumbria and Scotland,” a company representative said. “With our state-of-the-art testing facilities, we are confident that we can identify issues with your injectors.”

If you want to ensure optimum fuel efficiency for your fleet, visit Extract Engineering Ltd’s testing centre!

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