Make Up to £60 A Month On This Gaming App: Parents Get Paid To Play On the Move

Make Up to £60 A Month On This Gaming App: Parents Get Paid To Play On the Move

There are so many benefits to commuting. It’s cheaper, and better for the environment, and with traffic becoming worse every year, taking the subway or the bus can be faster than driving to and from your workplace.

The only thing is, it’s so boring, and if you’re a bit of an introvert, the crowds probably send your anxiety levels through the roof. If you want to make commuting easier, download Skedadle!

This gaming app offers you old-school games like snake, or more modern selections like flapping games and Skedadle shoot, where you try to shoot as many dots on the screen as possible to advance to the next round. These games are designed to entertain you on your daily commute and provide an incentive for taking public transport.

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In an effort to lower every individual’s carbon footprint, Skedadle is encouraging you to commute to your office instead of taking a private vehicle. A big drawback of commuting is the boredom and anxiety that some people feel while sitting with strangers. The games on the app provide a distraction and relief from such anxiety, making the commute much more tolerable and even enjoyable!

Skedadle is an ethical and sustainable app that collaborates with brands that share the same commitment to minimizing carbon emissions. Instead of investing in roadside ads, which is what brands usually do to attract the attention of commuters, they promote their ads through the app. This creates zero waste, decreases pollution, and makes roads safer with drivers who are not distracted by large, bright billboards.

App users report a pleasant gaming experience because they are not bombarded by ads after every move they make while playing. The ads are shown on the sidelines or after a level has been cleared so they do not disrupt the game’s visuals.

About the Company

Skedadle is an app that strives to promote the use of viable advertising strategies by practicing ethical marketing that values customers’ trust and loyalty. The team is also passionate about protecting the environment and is constantly looking for ways to encourage individuals to do more to save the planet.

“We’re a bunch of disruptive innovators challenging the status quo. Skedadle is the only way to travel,” a company representative said.

Don’t forget the best part! Play as little as 30 minutes daily, and you can make up to £60 per month just by playing games! There’s no special program you need to sign up for, and no sketchy deals. You just need to bind your payout account and wait to receive your earnings every month.

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