Get Hip Replacement Surgery Fast, With No Mobility Restrictions In Grantham

Get Hip Replacement Surgery Fast, With No Mobility Restrictions In Grantham

It’s too bad there isn’t a “waiting list” industry, because judging by how long the wait times are now, it likely would have been the fastest-growing business throughout the pandemic.

Though most companies are now back to “business as usual,” in some industries, the effects of the pandemic can still be seen – and healthcare is a great example.

Getting an appointment for a diagnostic scan or treatment has never been exactly fast, but now the waiting lists are even longer, and it could take weeks just to get in the door.

One alternative is this fast-access program from MSK Doctors, which can help you to see top musculoskeletal specialists with no waiting list, and without adding any burden to the public health system.

Visit to learn more about the no-wait-list policy from MSK Doctors, their advanced surgical options, and online booking.

By combining a no-waiting-list policy with an option to book appointments online, the private clinic allows you to see a musculoskeletal specialist, even if you do not have a referral from your GP. Through partnerships with several local clinics, MSK Doctors can provide a full range of services, from initial diagnostic scans to surgical interventions and non-surgical regenerative therapies.

With faster access to diagnostics, innovative surgical techniques, and a full team of in-house specialists, the private clinic helps to reduce your wait time for a diagnosis, and your overall recovery time. One example of this can be seen with the clinic’s SPAIRE hip replacement technique, which is a new surgical procedure that is only available from a few specialists around the world.

Using the SPAIRE procedure, you can have complete hip replacement surgery, with none of the traditional mobility restrictions, and with a significantly reduced healing time. This is because Prof. Paul Lee, the clinic’s SPAIRE specialist, can perform the operation without damaging several important muscles which would normally be cut during a traditional hip replacement surgery.

Since the procedure causes less damage to your muscles, it also reduces the risk of dislocations during the recovery period and makes it easier to perform normal daily activities. After the procedure, most patients can return home on the same day, with no restrictions on their mobility.

A spokesperson explained, “Research has shown that the quadriceps coxae is not just an external rotator and is the primary abductor and extensor for the hip joint in a 90° flexed position, which means it has a major effect on one-legged and weight-bearing rising and propulsive motions. These muscles are essential every time a patient tries to get up from a chair.“

The public health system is great, but sometimes you just can’t wait – and you shouldn’t have to.

With MSK Doctors you can make your own appointments, without a referral from your GP, on your own schedule.

Visit to learn more about the SPAIRE hip replacement technique, or to book an appointment.

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