Mayfair Managed Offices: Cost-Effective & Professional Space For Hybrid Teams

Times have changed – including how people work. So if you’re looking for a serviced office for your hybrid team, DeVono recommends a great space in the heart of Mayfair District.

Swallow Place offers a convenient and cost-effective office solution to forward-thinking companies like yours. It offers a per-desk rental arrangement, allowing you to customize the amount of space you need depending on how often and how many employees are required to work in person.

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This development is part of DeVono’s mission to help you adapt and thrive in the new normal. Equity Partner Robert Leigh says that its serviced office in Swallow Place enables you to project a professional image without paying exorbitant rental fees.

According to a survey conducted by CIPD, 78% of organizations in the UK now offer hybrid working arrangements. As such, you no longer have to rent entire office floors just to accommodate your workers — just the appropriate number of desks.

DeVono has partnered with Swallow Place to offer a cost-effective workplace solution that’s located at a premier address. This managed office is especially ideal if you run a startup and want a turnkey space that fosters a collaborative culture. The workspace is already fully furnished and offers many of the amenities found in traditional offices, such as staffed reception, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, lockers, and high-speed internet.

Moreover, the co-working space is commuter-friendly given its close proximity to both Bond Street and Oxford Circus Stations. It also has amenities that cater to bike commuters in your team, including bicycle storage and showers.

Leigh stresses that by renting the serviced office in Swallow Place, you can improve morale as your employees are given flexibility in how and where to do their work. In today’s highly competitive job market, having a hybrid office has likewise become vital in retaining — and attracting — top talents.

“The old way of working no longer applies, which is why innovative offices have become vital in helping businesses thrive. Our team is confident that our listing in Swallow Place can help your hybrid team become more productive and collaborative.”

If you wish to learn more about the managed office, you can book a no-obligation consultation with the leasing agency.

Don’t be left behind! Make your transition to a hybrid team seamless with the help of DeVono. Contact the team today to get started.

In addition to Swallow Place, DeVono has other listings throughout the Mayfair District. A full list is available at

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