Best Eyelash Salon Near Camden Town for Russian Lashes & Extensions with Volume

Ladies, are you looking to bat those lashes with a flair that’s second to none? Do you fancy voluminous and dramatic extensions that can transform your look? If the answer to both questions is a resounding “YES,” then it’s time to head over to Glamorous Lashes London, the best eyelash salon near Camden Town.

Explore their offerings at Glamorous Lashes London, or dial +44 7964 167029 to speak to a lash expert.

Glamorous Lashes is where art meets beauty in the most extraordinary way. They’re not just another salon; they’re lash specialists who have recently upgraded their hand-made Russian volume eyelash extensions. Now, with the integration of top-quality materials like silk and mink and advanced 2D-8D techniques, the lashes are more voluminous, healthier, and natural-looking than ever.

A Glamorous Transformation

These Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are not for the faint-hearted; they’re about making a statement. With thickness varying from 0.03mm to 0.10mm and the use of ultra-fine synthetic fibres like faux mink, these lashes provide a dense and dramatic effect that lasts 6-8 weeks. It’s luxury that aligns perfectly with your natural lash growth cycle.

What makes Glamorous Lashes stand out is their customer-centric approach. Comfort, quality, and longevity aren’t just buzzwords here; they’re the foundation of their service. Whether you prefer a subtle enhancement or a bold transformation, these extensions are tailored to your individual style without compromising your natural lash health.

Continuous Glamour

Worried about maintaining that luxurious look? Glamorous Lashes offers infills, ensuring your lashes remain fabulous as the natural ones shed. Depending on your preferences, infills become necessary after around 3-4 weeks, allowing you to sustain that glamorous effect effortlessly.

Why Choose Glamorous Lashes?

The accolades say it all! Glamorous Lashes holds the most 5-star ratings of any lash salon in the UK and has a reputation for top-tier eyelash extensions. Located conveniently near Camden Town and just a stone’s throw from Warren Street Tube station, the salon exclusively specialises in high-quality eyelash extensions and lash-related treatments.

Apart from their Russian lashes, they also offer classic and hybrid extensions, lash lifts, and infills. They’ve set a standard in the eyelash industry, achieving exceptional results through premium products, innovative techniques, and a dedicated commitment to quality.

Your Next Lash Destination

If you’re seeking beauty with an edge, Glamorous Lashes London is your go-to destination. Head over to their website or call them at +44 7964 167029 to book an appointment. Let your lashes do the talking and embrace the allure of Russian volume eyelash extensions in one of London’s top salons. Experience the lash magic that’s taken Camden Town by storm!

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