Fast DFY LinkedIn Outreach Lead Converting Tool Improves Sales Team Performance

When most people picture a day in the life of a sales professional, they probably imagine a lot of hand-shaking, a lot of high-powered lunching, and a lot of pressure to close.

What they don’t realise is that all that handshaking and deal closing begins with effective prospecting, superior organisation, and staying up-to-date with clients and target clients through hours of admin.

LinkedIn automation tool Salesflow cuts time spent on your admin tasks by up to 8 hours while deploying hundreds of targeted prospecting campaigns complete with persuasive, custom-tailored messaging and essential solutions-oriented follow-ups that turn LinkedIn into your team’s sales converting machine.

A well-regarded industry leader, Salesflow improves sales team performances by creating a high-quality, high-performance pipeline. This DFY (“Done For You”) tool comes with a list of over 100 LinkedIn message templates built to convert, and native Salesforce integration for fast and simple data management.

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Key barriers that impede a robust pipeline can include minimal leads, ill-fitting leads, low-quality leads, and low-return deal prospects. Salesflow’s AI-assisted software helps your sales team build a higher-performing pipeline while saving a potential 50 hours per week on dead-end leads and adding 50% more value to your sales reps’ productivity.

“Over 40 percent of salespeople find prospecting the hardest part of their jobs,” says a Salesflow spokesperson. “Salesflow is an AI-assisted lead-generating tool that performs with incredible efficiency to skyrocket sales team productivity. And thanks to Salesforce integration, sales teams can leverage important data for better scalability.”

Salesflow is a fully LinkedIn-compliant lead gen and converting tool that allows you to deploy and monitor hundreds of targeted, customised prospecting campaigns from a single, intuitive dashboard.

Easy Salesforce and other CRM integration makes workflow more organized and streamlined, while the exchange of valuable data that identifies customer pain points helps improve scalability.

With solutions-oriented messaging that understands your prospect customer needs, and the capacity to deploy hundreds of follow-up sequences to help you convert worthwhile leads to meetings, Salesflow helps your team do what they do best: close on high-value deals.

Your teams can create targeted campaign templates and automate up to 2,000 personalised follow-up sequences per month – talk about superior reach! And with superior reach come improved response rates. The tool also screens for high-value prospects based on a number of criteria so you’re getting the very best revenue potential on each lead conversion.

A 2023 Q2 Deloitte forecast predicts the economy will slow substantially toward the latter half of the year, which means you’ll need all arrows in the quiver to hit your targets. With the addition of Salesflow to your arsenal, you get a fast, DFY LinkedIn automation tool plus the benefit of Salesforce integration for the competitive edge you need.

The director of business development at Red Point Global says, “Salesflow is one of the top tools in the stack for us. [It] has allowed us to ramp up our volume and scale on LinkedIn while also gaining valuable efficiency.”

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