Correspondent Banking Solutions For Forex Businesses With Quick Application

SAXE Global understands the challenges you face as a Forex business owner. As such, it has partnered with trusted correspondent banks that offer vital services to entrepreneurs like you.

Starting today, you can gain access to multi-currency banks in the UK, Lithuania, Switzerland, Austria, Estonia, and Denmark. All of these partner institutions offer international bank account numbers (IBANs), which makes it easy to complete transactions around the world.

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In many ways, correspondent banks enhance your forex business’ liquidity — which in turn fosters more growth. Specifically, these institutions allow you to access a broader pool of currencies so you can fulfill transactions even if you don’t have a physical presence in a given country.


One cannot overstate the importance of foreign exchange, the single-largest financial market in the world. Indeed, daily turnover has increased from $6.6 trillion in 2019 to $7.6 trillion in April 2023 despite a global pandemic in the intervening years.

As you would know, however, efficient transactions are vital given the volatility of currencies. SAXE Global has partnered with premier banks around the world to ensure seamless cross-border payments and money transfers.


Establishing a business requires a significant amount of capital — even more so if your business involves foreign exchange. By working with correspondent banks, however, you can enjoy a turnkey solution that grants you access to well-established financial infrastructures.


SAXE Global has streamlined the application process so it can be done entirely online. You begin by filling out a “Know Your Customer” form (a banking requirement), which verifies your identity. Once the bank has received the requirements and approved your account opening, you will begin the onboarding process where your login credentials will be shared.

To ensure a smooth banking experience, the financial consultancy offers 24/7 support via a customer concierge. A support team will field all calls and provide step-by-step guidance to resolve your issues promptly.

Mark Walsh, Head of Advisory, says: “Forex is the highway that connects the global economy. It’s our goal to make this avenue accessible to more businesses than ever. Our partner banks are carefully chosen for their reputation and global footprint — two things that make them qualified to help your business grow.”

The global forex market has never been easier to access thanks to correspondent banks. So what are you waiting for? Contact SAXE Global today!

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