Try 25 Momme Silk Bedding Sets For Sensitive Skin: Best Pillowcase For Hydration

Try 25 Momme Silk Bedding Sets For Sensitive Skin: Best Pillowcase For Hydration

Believe it or not, we each spend roughly 2,700 hours in bed every year, that’s 27,000 hours over the next decade. Given how much of your life you spend in bed, shouldn’t you invest in bedding that gives you the best quality sleep possible?

Mayfairsilk uses the finest grade Mulberry silk for its luxury bedsheets and duvet sets to help you elevate bedtime beyond your wildest dreams. Trust us – you’ve never known comfort like this.

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All of Mayfairsilk’s luxury sleep products are made with 100% pure grade 6A long-fibre Mulberry Silk with a high momme count, meaning it contains a high amount of silk per square inch. On top of that, you can still throw this bedding in the washing machine, and what’s more, it requires less frequent washing than cotton sheets!

Aside from feeling like a princess, there are so many advantages to sleeping in silk bedding. For example, silk has a low rate of heat conductivity, meaning it is a naturally temperature-regulating fabric and so prevents you from feeling too hot or too cold in bed.

Another benefit of this brand’s silk sheets and duvet covers is that, unlike cotton, silk is not a particularly absorbent fabric. As such, Mayfairsilk bedding doesn’t absorb moisture from your skin or hair, offering anti-ageing benefits and leaving you hydrated, unbothered, and flourishing.

This British brand’s gorgeous signature colour palette is designed to create an atmosphere of comfort and balance that aids sleep and allows you to relax in true luxury after a long day.

Mayfairsilk is based in London and from its beginnings has had its sights set on sustainable luxury. The company has established a strong reputation for its unique weave and finishing process that produces a matte, lustrous fabric with pearlescent highlights.

A spokesperson for the company said, “At Mayfairsilk, our silk sheets are made from the best grade of Mulberry silk and offer uncompromising quality from start to finish of our production process. All our silk products are hand cut by artisans and are OEKO-Tex standard 100 certified.”

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