UK Made-To-Measure Contemporary Blinds: Privacy & Insulation Properties Guide

UK Made-To-Measure Contemporary Blinds: Privacy & Insulation Properties Guide

If your window treatments look a little dated—a broken shutter here, a half-hanging curtain there—Shuttercraft will help you elevate your home with their contemporary blinds.

Their new consumer report, called ‘Contemporary Blinds – Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Window Treatments’, has been developed by Shuttercraft’s experienced interior design team and is recommended reading for you if you’re considering changing or upgrading your window treatments. Shuttercraft believes the contemporary blind is a functional and stylish choice that makes a worthy investment for homeowners like you.

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Their new consumer report on contemporary blinds has been released following a recent article on Better Homes and Gardens that named classic, minimalist and elegant blinds and shades as one of the top looks in windows for 2023, with pleated, panel and roller blinds all particularly recommended.

As the new report explains, the blinds, shutters, and window treatment fitters recommend contemporary blinds for their insulation properties, which can help you save on power bills, especially in summer and winter. They also recommend blinds as a privacy choice and for their kerb appeal.

Compared to shutters, which are also particularly popular in current home design trends, Shuttercraft suggests blinds can give you more room layout options as they often sit completely within your window frame, requiring no extra space. Their report states that contemporary blinds also come in waterproof kitchen, bathroom and laundry options.

As Shuttercraft’s blinds are made-to-measure, they can offer you custom solutions with various natural wood hues, fabrics, patterns and styles. The blinds fitters even have a new ‘Any Colour & Digital Print’ option if you want a fully personalised look for your contemporary blinds that will match your existing interior design style.

Shuttercraft recommends you consult their new online contemporary blinds consumer report and then contact one of their passionate design experts to discuss how to upgrade your home window treatments.

A spokesperson for the window treatment fitters said, “Contemporary blinds can transform your home—in more ways than one. If you’d like more information on the styles that could work on your property, we’ve got all the information you need.”

Shuttercraft has 2023’s most stylish and practical contemporary blinds.

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